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Occupational hearing loss can result from exposure to harmful noise in the workplace over a period of time. Under the Workers' Compensation Law, the waiting period for a worker to file a claim for a job-related hearing loss is three months from the date the worker leaves employment or is removed from exposure to harmful noise in the workplace. In other words, once you are no longer exposed to the harmful noise, whether it is because you are now utilizing effective protective devices (ear plugs/ear muffs/etc.) or because you are no longer working in the noisy environment, you must wait three months before filing your claim.

Traumatic hearing loss may occur as a result of a blow to the head, a strong blast of air into the ear, etc. Whether your hearing loss is due to trauma or repetitive exposure does not affect your right to file a claim. However, when it comes time to address the percentage of hearing loss and any possible award for that loss of hearing, a different method is used for calculating the award.

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