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Who is the best Workers Comp Lawyer for you?

Wugman & Wugman, P.C. serves Rockland County, Westchester, Orange & NYC

In an effort to help you find the best workers comp lawyer in Rockland County, Westchester, Orange, NYC or anywhere else in the State of New York, we have developed a list of ten questions you should have answered by the prospective law firm. These questions should be answered to your liking before you decide which workers comp lawyer is best for you, your particular needs and your unique situation. Wugman & Wugman, P.C., based in New City, are Rockland County lawyers that strictly focus on worker's comp and social security disability.

The 10 Keys To Finding The Best Workers Comp Lawyer For Your Needs:

  1. Does the lawyer have an in-depth knowledge of the Workers Compensation Law?
  2. Do they know how the insurance company's lawyer is going to calculate the value of the worker's compensation case and how they plan on defending the claim?
  3. Do they know how to work within the system to protect your rights and achieve results that compensate you properly for prior lost wages, the loss of future wages and possibly permanent disability?
  4. Does the firm have the know-how and experience to negotiate with the insurance companies to obtain your maximum benefit?
  5. Does the worker's compensation lawyer you are considering give smaller worker's compensation cases the same attention and effort as larger ones?
  6. Does the lawyer focus on workers compensation and social security issues full time or do they occasionally handle these types of cases?
  7. Will the firm you are considering have their attorneys handle the legal aspects of your case, or will that be left to a less qualified staff member?
  8. Are the attorneys willing to take the time to listen to you in depth so that they understand your unique situation and needs, allowing them to develop a unique strategy accordingly?
  9. Are the attorneys dedicated to communicating with you effectively and are they willing to go the extra mile to make sure your rights are represented to the fullest?
  10. Does the firm have the respect of other lawyers, judges and even insurance company attorneys?

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Wugman & Wugman, P.C. are some of the only lawyers in Rockland County that focus on workers comp and social security disability. It is all that we do, so we have to operate at the highest standards. We would love to offer you the opportunity to ask us the above questions as well as give you a free no-obligation consultation on your case. Please call (845) 499-2232 to get started.