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An injured worker may be entitled to monetary benefits for prior lost wages, future lost wages or possible permanent disability. Additionally, an injured worker may be entitled to medical care for injured sites and medical conditions related to the workers' compensation claim. If the need for treatment is deemed causally related to the accident/occupational condition and, when appropriate, consistent with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines, treatment is authorized. The Workers' Compensation Law does not allow for additional benefits for "pain and suffering."

Insurance companies reward their attorneys for minimizing the cost of their workers' compensation claims. Unfortunately, this reality is the cold hard truth. Many individuals think they can successfully negotiate with the insurance company. Hiring a workers' compensation attorney like Dan or Michael Wugman is the wisest move you can make to maximize the benefits you receive from worker's comp. Attorneys receive payment only on the additional monies you receive above what you would have obtained on your own. The average person does not know the fine points of workers' compensation law, nor do they know what insurance companies should provide. Individual who represents themselves, often receive less than they deserve. You have nothing to lose by hiring an attorney like Wugman & Wugman, P.C. and everything to gain.

Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits & Links to the NYS Workers' Compensation Board Website

Cash Benefits

Supplemental Benefits

Medical Benefits

Social Security Benefits

Death Benefits

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